Does AltX have a licence to operate?

Yes. AltX is a corporate authorised representative under an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 291314) and meets all legislative requirements to provide investments to Wholesale Investors.

Why do borrowers accept higher borrowing rates?

There are several reasons a borrower is prepared to accept higher rates.  Importantly, the higher rates do not imply the level of risk associated with the loan. Higher rates are the reward for the dynamic approach, speed and flexibility that a lender has to settle more quickly than traditional banks. In many cases, borrowers might […]

Can I borrow from AltX?

AltX does not directly lend to borrowers. We provide a marketplace for AltX approved professional Private Lenders to offer their existing loans to wholesale investors. Borrowers interested in achieving funding can be referred to an AltX Private Lender. AltX Partner Lenders have a set criteria to determine the suitability of funding applications. Business Purpose All […]

What happens if I am invested in a loan that goes into default

We will work to recover any outstanding capital and interest from the Borrower.  The strategy to achieve this will vary depending on the scenario.  As a first step, AltX generally works with the Borrower to coordinate an orderly exit from the loan. If this is not achievable, AltX may consider alternative forms of enforcement (e.g. […]

Introducing Defaults

In every investment, some type of risk is present. AltX takes significant care to identify and balance the risks and return on all loan investments. We only accept loans on the platform where we are comfortable with the level of risk presented. To mitigate the risk of default we undertake due diligence on all loans. […]

What due diligence is undertaken on each loan before underwriting?

  Before a loan is made available for investment, AltX assesses criteria to determine the quality of the underlying borrower and security. This includes but is not limited to the following criteria. Business Purpose All loans must be to registered Australian companies.  Applications by individuals are considered if the use of funds is predominantly (i.e. […]

Who underwrites the loans on AltX?

We partner with lenders across Australia to provide loans to investors via AltX. AltX also completes thorough double due diligence on all loans to ensure they meet our strict lending standards and are suitable for our investors.

Tax Implications of Investments

We strongly recommend that you consult with a tax advisor for more information about tax treatment related to your specific investments with AltX.

How do I change my nominated bank account?

If you need to change the nominated bank account for your investment entity please contact our team via who will be able to complete this request on your behalf.

How do I view a statement of my investments?

Each investor is provided with a portfolio view of their account and the ability to download statements of each investment entity. Statements are uploaded on the 3rd business day of the month, commencing one month after the investment has been activated. Login here to view your portfolio.

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