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Investing in real estate debt

Real estate debt types varies based on the type of debt circumstances, carrying different risk profiles and relative returns.

Bridging Loans

Finance short-term property backed transactions

Construction Loans

Finance development and construction projects

Choose how you want to invest

Individual investments

Invest in a single opportunity from our range of curated and pre-funded opportunities, through our market-leading platform.

Diversified managed funds

Get immediate diversification by investing in one of our managed funds.

Our investment approach

Deals sourced from our vetted originator network

Our trusted network of originators give us access to an unparalleled choice of deals across Australia

Stringent due diligence and underwriting process

Each deal offered is reviewed and vetted by our experienced deal team, applying our rigorous credit assessment and underwriting processes to ensure we only fund and offer the right deals to our investors

Deals pre-funded by AltX before being offered

We walk the walk, pre-funding the loans before offering them to our investors

Offer on platform to investors

Once the loan has been pre-funded, we offer it to our investors on our market-leading platform. Investors are then free to access the deal, with a minimum investment of $50,000

Product breakdown

Details of our deals and funds are provided through our platform and regularly sent to our investors as they become available.

Individual investment

Deal Name

The location and reference number of the deal, as shown on our investor platform


The deal is open for investment, or has been fully subscribed and is closed

Available for investment

The remaining amount available for investment

Total Loan Amount

The total loan amount the borrower receives

Interest Rate

The rate of return investing in this opportunity will deliver

Remaining Term

The time remaining of the initial loan term, and of your investment, if you stay invested for the full term


This is the Loan To Value ratio of the deal, the higher the LVR, the higher the underlying risk

Managed investment


The short name of the Fund, as it appears on our investor platform


This Fund is open for investment

Available Amount

This is the amount available for investment in the Fund

Target Interest Rate

This is the target interest rate of the Fund

Remaining Term

This is the remaining term of the Fund

Frequently asked

AltX is only available to accredited Wholesale Investors or to a ‘Sophisticated Investor’ as defined under the Corporations Act 2001.

AltX Funds Management Pty Ltd (ACN 113 502 604) holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 291314) which only allows us to deal only with ‘Wholesale Clients’.

Generally, people buying securities and other financial products must, under the Corporations Act 2001, be given a regulated disclosure document such as a prospectus or product disclosure statement. However, the Act has some exemptions from these requirements.

One of those exemptions is the offering of financial products to a person (either a natural person or a legal person) who is the subject of a current certificate from a qualified accountant certifying they have a prescribed net asset or gross income level (i.e. a ‘Wholesale Client’).

A person is only eligible to be classified as a sophisticated or wholesale investor if they have obtained:

  • a gross income of $250,000 or more per annum in each of the previous two years or
  • net assets of at least $2.5 million (reg 6D.2.03 and reg 7.1.28).

In order to become an investor on AltX, we require proof, in the form of an accountant’s certificate. During the entity creation process, an accountant’s certificate will be required to be submitted.

There are four specific ways to diversify a portfolio on AltX.

  1. Property Type (residential, commercial, industrial or vacant land)
  2. Property Location
  3. Loan Term
  4. LVR (Loan to Value)

Security is always 1st registered mortgages and can be over residential property, commercial property, industrial property or vacant land.

The location of the property across Australia enables investor to gain exposure to market outside of their direct property holdings.

A shorter loan term provides investors with the opportunity to be paid back faster. While the majority of our loans are short-term (less than 12 months), we provide funding on terms up to 24 months.

Finally, loan-to-value ratios are typically less than 70% based on the security provided.

A mortgage or income fund is structured in a pooled or contributory nature which provides investors with a broad exposure to the income generated from many assets. An investor is generally not provided with a detailed picture of all underlying assets within the mortgage or income fund.

In contrast, AltX provides flexibility and transparency by giving you access to the full details of each loan transaction and the ability to choose individual investments based on the individual rate of return.

AltX also structures each investment in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). This is different from property mortgage funds and income funds where you invest in one fund that combines many property mortgage loans.

The minimum investment amount per loan is AUD$50,000.

The maximum investment amount will depend on each deal’s capacity. We endeavour to provide full allocations for all investment requests. Based on transaction demand, investor allocations may be reduced or rejected in an event of over subscription.

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