Introducing Investing

AltX was founded on the principle of making investing in Real Estate Loans accessible, transparent and secure. We believe investing online should be straightforward and provide benefit to our investors. If you are unsure about getting started, here are some things to consider:

Investment Yields

Our loans are secured against real estate, providing yields of between 6% and 10%.

Stable Returns

We provide a stable asset class with reliable, regular and predictable returns as the loans AltX invest in charge borrowers a fixed interest rate.

Portfolio Control

Choose from a single investment to a diversified portfolio of loans based on your available capital and risk profile.

Investment Transparency

We provide disclosure on each underlying real estate asset. Our process is more transparent that competing investment platforms. All legal documentation is available to support your investment.

Investment Protection

AltX only provides access to loan investments secured against first registered mortgages.

Double Due Diligence

All loans receive thorough assessment by our expert team of lenders, originators and managers.

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