Assetline Senior Debt Construction Fund No. 3

Managed debt fund offering diversified exposure to short duration 1st mortgage-backed construction loans

7.25% p.a.*

* April 2022 distribution rate annualised

Fund Overview


Australian Wholesale Unit Trust

Minimum Investment

AUD $100,000

Fund Term

36 months, with run-off thereafter as underlying loans repay

Income Distributions


Capital Distributions

Pro-rata as underlying loans repay at the end of the fund term

Investor Eligibility

Wholesale investors only

Management Fee

0.25% p.a.

Wholesale Eligible Investors

1st Mortgage Underlying Security

14 Months Fund Investment Period

Fund Structure

Exposure to most senior part of the capital structure *

* Illustrative example only. Refer to Information Memorandum for detailed Investment Guidelines.

  • Lender buffer, borrower first loss
First Mortgage
  • Priority claim on interest and principal
  • Priority claim on asset

Fund Performance

Fund Performance vs RBA Cash Rate - April 2022*

* April 2022 monthly return, annualised variable rate

14 Underlying loans

100% Captial and Interest returned

Investment Guidelines *


  • Underlying Loans must be made to Australian companies.
  • No individual Underlying Loan may exceed $17,000,000.
  • Repayment of all Underlying Loans must be secured by first ranking registered mortgages over Australian real estate.
  • All Underlying Loans must be supported by guarantees by the directors of the Borrower (or other persons who may control the Borrower) and a charge that is registered by the lender on the PPSR over the Borrower, a related entity or both.
  • The maximum initial term for each Underlying Loan may not exceed 24 months.
  • The maximum LVR for any Underlying Loan shall not exceed 70% of Gross Realisation Value (calculated net of GST on a cost to complete basis working backwards).


  • Fund assets not invested in Underlying Loans must be held in cash, in a bank account in the name of the Fund with one of the major Australian banks.
  • No individual Underlying Loan exposure may exceed 15% of the assets of the Fund at the time of investment.

* Refer to Investment Memorandum for detailed Investment Guidelines

Fund Documentation

Investment Memorandum

Review the detailed offering document of the Fund

Managed Fund Overview

Review an overview of the investment opportunity, Fund highlights, key Fund terms, investment guidelines and Fund structure

The Fund Fact Sheet

Review current and historic performance, Fund highlights and key Fund terms

Invest Today

Managed Fund Form

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