AltX chats to AusBiz TV on the alternative to a 60/40 investment portfolio

Is it time to rethink the classic 60:40 investment portfolio? Nick Raphaely from AltX joins AusBiz TV to discuss whether this tried and tested allocation theory may have passed its used-by date.

Blog: What’s the deal with property sale prices and valuation

Australia’s scorching property market has made traditional valuation methods seem almost obsolete – We asked a panel of experts for their insights into the current state of the market around the country – and where we go from here.

How insto-sized investments open the door to diversification

By digitally dividing assets into smaller investable units, you can access institutional-quality opportunities with cheque-sized investments. As published on Money Management

Is the price right? Why property valuation is critical in a hot market

Investors and lenders should look beyond the face value of valuation reports in a red-hot market, say AltX Property Research Analyst, Chris Mears. As published on The Property Tribune and Australian Property Investor.

AltX News

AltX today announces that its Flagship Managed Fund, AltX-Assetline 1st Mortgage Debt Fund No. 1, has received a ‘Recommended’ Rating from independent Fund Research House Independent Investment Research (“IIR”).

The appointment of John Barry as Head of Treasury and Risk marks the next stage in the growth of AltX to broaden the Team’s expertise in funding, debt capital origination, and risk management.

typical private real-estate debt returns

One area attracting a lot of attention is real-estate debt investments. As with any investment, it is important to understand the factors driving the returns, as well as the key areas of risk.

AltX talks to AusBiz TV

According to AltX Co-Founder and co-CEO Nick Raphaely, credit flow is critical to the economy – and right now there’s a kink in the flow. As presented on AusBiz TV.

fractional investments

Property has long been seen as a “safe as houses” investment in Australia, underpinning 51% of the nation’s household wealth. But with challenges to investing in property, tech platforms are opening new fractional investment opportunities for the savvy investors.

Property LVR

Buying property isn’t the only way to capitalise on Australia’s red-hot property market. You can also invest in the underlying debt, but how do you measure the risk?

look beyond 60/40 portfolio split

With questions over whether the traditional 60/40 balanced portfolio is still fit-for-purpose in these uncertain times, it may be time to add something new to the mix.

Non-bank mortgages are fast becoming a channel of choice for Australian borrowers looking to secure money to fund real estate developments.

weighing up the risk of private real estate debt

The higher the return, the higher the risk. So, what’s the best way to assess private real estate debt?

With AltX's due diligence, each transaction is carefully qualified to ensure risk is mitigated.

Why are non-bank lenders so popular

With the withdrawal of traditional lenders post the GFC, coupled with tighter lending standards for banks, non-bank mortgage providers emerged and have been growing in popularity.


Investing in bricks and mortar isn’t the only way to add real estate to your investment portfolio.

is private real estate debt risky

Nick Raphaely, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AltX, looks at the risks of investing in this asset class.

what is altx all about

Ever wanted to learn more about private Real Estate Debt Investing? Listen to Nick Raphaely, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AltX explain the AltX Story.