Blog: 6 ways to accelerate your wholesale investment game

Since 2012, we’ve been simplifying the way people invest in private real estate debt. And thanks to technology, our platform now offers a seamless experience – giving you access to exciting opportunities at a click of a button.

“Getting involved is simple and it’s very easy to understand which investments you feel comfortable with,” says one of our clients.

From sign-up to managing your investments, here are six ways we make investing in private debt simple and easy.

1. Equal access to every deal for everyone

The AltX investment platform has democratised private real estate debt. Traditionally, you could only access this asset class through private clubs and connections. Now, everyone on the platform can access the opportunity to invest in an array of vetted real-estate debt deals in a matter of minutes.

And when you register with AltX, you receive daily updates including both individual deals and managed funds, so you can jump on opportunities as they come up.

2. Start investing in 10 minutes

Once you’ve registered with AltX as a wholesale investor, you need to create an entity that will hold your investments. You can register as an individual, partnership, company or SMSF trust account.

We’ve made the process simple, by automating a lot of the steps.   

Our online tech integrations mean you don’t need to fill out lengthy paperwork or print and scan endless documents. Setting up and verifying an entity online takes about 10 minutes, and then you can explore deals straight away.

      3. Make informed[NH2]  investment decisions

Whether you want full control over your investments or looking for a more passive, medium-term option, the AltX platform offers a range of opportunities. You can pick and choose the deals you prefer or, for a more ‘hands off’ alternative you can diversify into one of our mortgage debt funds.

Click on the deal or fund you’re interested in on the investor page to get a clear snapshot of the opportunity. Every deal follows the same easy to read structure so you can find the information that matters most to you quickly. So, at a glance, you will always be able to see:

> An overview of the deal
> Security information, including details about the local area
> The Borrower’s Exit strategy
>Loan structure
> Loan summary
> Investment summary, including LVR
> Investment timeline
> Borrower information
> How much is available for investment
> Deal risks and mitigants
> Valuation reports

 So you have everything you need all in one place to invest confidently.

4. Never miss an opportunity

When you find a deal that ticks all your investment boxes, securing an allocation is simple.

Enter the amount you want to invest and choose your investment entity (if you’ve set up more than one). You can easily access and read all the detailed investment documents, and once you are happy with everything, lock in your allocation and we’ll process your investment.

5. Keep track of your deals in one place

Whether you need a quick snapshot or a complete picture of your investment portfolio, access it all in your personal AltX Dashboard.

Head here for a summary of all your investments, including what’s active and what has been repaid, and the average LVR and returns across your portfolio. You can also access a detailed investment summary and any documents you’ve uploaded, as well as all your statements in one place.

6. Manage your investments easily

AltX puts you back in control with easy access to statements and fast reporting. Your monthly statements are automatically uploaded to your dashboard, and you can access these any time through the platform.

At tax time, autogenerate full-year reports to make your tax reporting quick and simple.

At AltX, we continue to improve the investment experience – making private debt more accessible and easier to manage on the go.

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