AltX discusses efficient flow of credit for investors and borrowers on AusBiz TV

AltX recently appeared on AusBiz where Nick Raphaely was invited to discuss how capital and credit flow is critical to the ongoing function of the economy, and how AltX has been successful in addressing the imbalance with upsides for both borrowers and investors.


Nick Raphaely discusses the alternate flow of credit on AusBiz TV

Key Interview Talking Points:

Why is credit flow so critical to our economy and what’s creating this kink?

  • It’s getting harder for borrowers to do business with the banks – they aren’t flexible or responsive enough in a fast-moving market.
  • Timing can make all the difference in this market – developers and investors are frustrated waiting for bank approvals while they bleed money into their projects, or miss out on the deal.
  • There is also plenty of capital hungry for yield – it’s not getting much return in cash or bonds.
  • Private real estate debt is drawing a lot of investor interest, offering attractive risk-adjusted returns.

How does technology/ your platform help solve this problem?

  • Just as Airbnb matches people with an asset (a house or room) with those who need a break, or Uber matches drivers to people needing transport, AltX is also a marketplace platform.
  • AltX matches private investor capital with borrowers – matching capital supply with demand.
  • Access has always been a challenge for investors – knowing who is credible and who to trust.
  • The AltX solution democratises access for wholesale investors.

How does it work?

  • The AltX investment platform offers 1st mortgage-backed investment opportunities.
  • Investors can hand-select individual deals, or invest in a managed fund for diversification, with a minimum $50,000 investment.
  • Investors benefit from borrower guarantees, a registered 1st mortgage, and monthly interest – much the same as how the banks work.
  • The product is designed to deliver investors yields of 4.00% p.a. – 8.00% p.a. paid monthly.

How big is this opportunity?

  • The non-bank sector has grown substantially and will continue to do so.
  • Private lenders are predicted to absorb more than $50 billion in commercial funding needs by 2024.
  • The “Big Four’s” share of the commercial real estate market is expected to decline to 65% over the coming years.
  • Australia’s private capital market offers one of the most attractive risk/return profiles globally, according to Preqin.
  • Institutional investors are focused on the space, as seen by Apollo’s recent investment in MaxCap.
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