Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Investors

For the last decade, the AltX Group has supported SMSF investors in building a diversified investment portfolio and generating consistent income.

AltX is an industry-leading self-directed platform providing investors with access to secured real estate debt investments and the opportunity to build a diversified portfolio with regular income. All investments are scrutinised by our internal due-diligence team and pre-funded by AltX. AltX only invests in deals that we are proud to put our brand behind.

Why invest in real estate debt?

Share-market volatility coupled with low interests rates has seen retiree investors shift their focus to alternative income sources that deliver regular returns.

Why invest with AltX?

Returns between 4-8% p.a. paid monthly

100% of capital returned, interest repaid

Pre-funded investments

Self-directed portfolio management

$700M+ of investor funds under management

In-house construction & property teams

Latest Investments

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Our Track Record

300 +
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Total deals funded to date
500 +
Funded loans
50 %
Capital returned, interest repaid



What are fixed interest investments

What are fixed interest investments? 

Fixed interest investments include:

  • Corporate bonds;
  • Semi-government bonds; and
  • Debentures.

Essentially, all these products involve a loan from the investor to the issuer and in return the issuer is required to pay a set rate of interest periodically to the investor (yield) and repay the amount the investor lent (principal) at a set date (maturity date).

Fixed interest investments generally involve lower risk than shares and property, but involve a higher risk compared to deposit products issued by banks.


What products can you access via AltX?

AltX is an industry-leading self-directed platform providing investors with the opportunity to invest in a range of real-estate debt investments.

Investors can access these investments:

  • Directly by investing in Notes that are issued by SPVs and which hold 1st mortgages over underlying real-estate;
  • Indirectly by investing in unregistered managed investment schemes that invest in these types of Notes.


How do AltX’s investments differ to term deposits?

AltX’s investments provide a regular yield and repayment of the capital investment on the maturity date. This is different to a fixed-term deposit that is issued by a bank and has the benefit of the deposit guarantee of up to $250,000 per deposit account. AltX’s investments are not capital guaranteed and generally involve a higher risk than deposit products.


Who is eligible to access?

You can only access the AltX investment platform if we determine that you are a wholesale client. To register your interest, fill in the form below and we will contact you to verify if you are a wholesale investor.



"Your whole process is very seamless, efficient and flexible, with an excellent customer focus. I rate your customer focus and service as the best that I've received in the financial service industry."

AltX Investor, Customer Survey, 2021

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